The Province lab, a part of the Division of Statistical Genomics (DSG) at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, published a paper recently on screening human BMI GWAS loci. The paper, “A high throughput, functional screen of human Body Mass Index GWAS loci using tissue-specific RNAi Drosophila melanogaster crosses,” suggests that for the 10 human BMI SNPs rs11057405, rs205262, rs9925964, rs9914578, rs2287019, rs11688816, rs13107325, rs7164727, rs17724992, and rs299412, the functional genes may NOT be the nearest ones (CLIP1, C6orf106, KAT8, SMG6, QPCTL, EHBP1, SLC39A8, ADPGK /ADPGK-AS1, PGPEP1, KCTD15, respectively), but the specific nearby cis genes are the functional target. The study was published on April 2, 2018 in PLOS Genetics. Read more about the paper here.