The Dougherty Lab had a paper published recently in Human Molecular Genetics. The paper, “Gtf2i and Gtf2ird1 mutation do not account for the full phenotypic effect of the Williams syndrome critical region in mouse models,”¬†thoroughly defines a set of molecular and behavioral consequences of complete Williams syndrome critical region deletion and shows that genes or combinations of genes beyond Gtf2i and Gtf2ird1 are necessary to produce these phenotypic effects. Nathan Kopp, Ph.D., a former graduate student in the Dougherty Lab, is first author on the paper.¬†Katherine McCullough, a mouse technician in the Dougherty Lab, Susan Maloney, Ph.D., Instructor in Psychiatry and a member of the Dougherty Lab, and Joe Dougherty, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Genetics at Washington University School of Medicine, are also authors on the paper. Congratulations, all!