The Dougherty and Mitra Labs had a paper published in PNAS, “A viral toolkit for recording transcription factor–DNA interactions in live mouse tissues.” Alex Cammack, a graduate student in the Miller Lab who recently defended, is first author on the paper. Authors from the Dougherty Lab include graduate student Jiayang Chen, mouse technician Katie McCullough, graduate student Allen Yen, graduate student Tomas Lagunas, postdoc Mike Vasek, instructor in psychiatry and Dougherty Lab member Dr. Susan Maloney, and associate professor in genetics Dr. Joe Dougherty. Authors from the Mitra Lab include graduate student Arnav Moudgil, research scientist Xuhua Chen, graduate research assistant Michael Wilkinson, and professor of genetics Dr. Rob Mitra. Timothy Miller, MD, PhD, the David Clayson Professor of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine, is also a senior author. Congratulations, all!