Dr. Sheng Chih (Peter) Jin was awarded funding from Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) as part of the 14th annual Clinical and Translational Research Funding Program (CTRFP). Dr. Jin was one of seventeen researchers who was awarded funding from ICTS’s CTRFP program.

Funding from the grant will support Dr. Jin’s project,, “Long-Read Genome Sequencing and Integrative Genomic Analysis for Cerebral Palsy.”

“In addition to commonly associated environmental factors, epidemiological studies suggest genetic factors may cause cerebral palsy (CP). Therefore, we hypothesize that genetic variations may account for a large proportion of CP cases. This project utilizes a well-phenotyped cohort, comprehensive genomic data, and robust statistical methods to identify novel genetic etiologies and biological pathways that contribute to the CP pathogenesis,” the Jin Lab said in the announcement from ICTS about the award.

Congratulations, Dr. Jin!