June 20, 2022:  Jennifer Karlow’s latest paper, “Developmental pathways are epigenetically reprogrammed during lung cancer brain metastasis“, is out today in AACR Journals.

April 14, 2022:  Congratulations to DBBS’ own Yiran Hou (MGG, Wang @twang5 lab), recipient of the 2022 Barbara Jakschik Award! Well done, Yiran!  The Jakschik Award recognizes an outstanding female graduate student in her final year of doctoral research whose thesis has focused on the general area of metabolic regulation.

April 3, 2022:  Dr. Ting Wang is interviewed by KCBS radio in San Francisco, California about the completion of the Human Genome Project.

March 31, 2022:  The Associated Press article, “Scientists finally finish decoding the human genome,” quoted Dr. Ting Wang.

March 29, 2022: