Assignment Policies


  • There will be 13 assignments.
  • New assignments will be released on Wednesdays.  Links to the assignments will be added to the syllabus in the website.
  • Assignments are due the following Friday by 10am.  Check the syllabus for exact due dates.

Turn in policy

  • To turn in your assignment, copy all relevant files to your assignment’s submission folder, e.g., ~/assignment1/submission.
  • Name the files in your submission folder exactly as the assignment specifies. The timestamp of these files will be used to determine if the assignment was turned in on time.
  • WARNING: do NOT edit the files in your submission folder after you’ve turned in the assignment.  If you do edit them after the due date, the TAs will assume you’ve turned in a new version and will be marked late.
  • See the “late policy” section for details on how to turn in late assignments.

Late policy

  • A 50% penalty will be applied if you turn in the assignment 1 day late (i.e., by 11:59pm on Sunday).  Email before the due date stating that you will be turning in the assignment late.  Assignments that are > 1 day late will be given a score of 0 unless you have an approved extension from the TAs.
  • If you would like to request an extension, email at least 1 day before the assignment deadline (i.e., by 10am on Thursday).  The TAs will reply with their extension decision within 1 day.


  • Each assignment is worth 10 points.
  • You must comment your code to receive full credit.  If you use code from a resource, e.g., a website, cite it and explain in your own words what the code does.
  • There will be a text file in your home directory called grades.txt that will contain the grade and comments for each assignment.  Only TAs and you can view your home directory, so no other students will be able to view this file.
  • Grades will be posted on the Friday after the assignment is due.


  • Code solutions won’t be posted, but the TAs will go over important parts of the code the Friday after the assignment is due.


  • TAs will give you comments on your assignment (and put them in the grades.txt file), but a grade will not be given.
  • The same turn in and late policies apply to auditors.