Gervette Penny

Graduate Student

Lab Members

Gervette is from the warm, sunny (and sometimes rainy), Caribbean island of Grenada where she completed a B.S. in Life Sciences at St. George’s University (SGU). After graduation, Gervette was employed at SGU as a Faculty Supplemental Learning Demonstrator for molecular biology and microbiology. She conducted weekly, collaborative review groups for pre-med, pre-vet and undergraduate students, incorporating videos, games, group activities and all things interesting. One of the most exciting things about her job was that she got to meet students from all over the world every semester.

As a MGG (molecular genetics and genomics) graduate student at Wash U, Gervette is interested in the genetics of rare inherited disorders and how this relates to phenotype. In the Dutcher Lab, she has the opportunity to study all things ciliary, and learn about one of the most amazing organelles on the planet.

Gervette enjoys all things outdoors including hiking, biking and camping. She also loves to play the piano, try new things, and enjoy a beautiful sunset.