Elena and Simona co-authored our new preprint “Ontogenetic Oxycodone Exposure Affects Early-Life Communicative Behaviors, Sensorimotor Reflexes, and Weight Trajectory in Mice”, now up on bioRxiv. In the prepring, they describe effects of in utero and postnatal oxycodone exposure on early neurodevelopment in mouse offspring exposed to maternal oxycodone, by modeling opioid abstinence following birth and continued postnatal opioid exposure. The results suggest continued postnatal opioids lead to worse neurodevelopmental outcomes compared to opioid cessation at birth, which may have implications for continued opioid administration as NAS treatment. Congrats to Elena and Simona, Susan and Ream Al-Hasani, who are corresponding authors, as well as Katie, Marwa, Kia and Joe!