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Overheard in lab:
Stu: "Yeah, the law of diminishing returns"
Colin: "...the second law of physics"
Lillian: "Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction?
Colin: "No, that's the second amendment."

(usu. disclaimer that this twitter≠institutional or NIH views)

@papouinlab @CarpeRibosomam @ResearchAmerica I'm going miss @papouinlab and @CarpeRibosomam Join these labs!!! Really, though. Amazing #astrocyte research, lots of snacks, and lots of laughs

Big big shout-out to @FrancescaMM88 the first postdoc to "graduate" from the @papouinlab (and one of many from the @CarpeRibosomam lab)! Francesca will be starting her dream job at the science advocacy non-profit @ResearchAmerica next week! What a great example of success story!

Activity-dependent translation dynamically alters the proteome of the perisynaptic astrocyte process ⁦@joeddougherty⁩ ⁦@CarpeRibosomam⁩

Doc Lab celebrates leaf peeping season with a hike at gorgeous Castlewood 🍂 Drone photo courtesy of a friendly fellow WashU'er!


Congratulations to the Dougherty Lab (@CarpeRibosomam) and the @DjuranovicLab who received a generous grant from the RTW Charitable Foundation!

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