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Well, someone is having a pretty GREAT day! Congratulations to DR. Kayla Nygaard @KaylaNygaard7 (Dougherty lab @CarpeRibosomam) for her successful thesis defense today.

Want to learn more about the recently-described #MYT1Lsyndrome? Our terrific trio, @WikkyChen, Allen, & Colin just published a review on everything we know about #MYT1L from studies in cells, zebrafish, mice, and humans. Check it out:

Great science, great food, and you can actually afford to live here on a student or postdoc salary! Come to

The @carperibosomam preprint of our examination of different aspects of social motivation and the sex differential impact is live! Want to hear more? See @sarafinovska at @IBANGStweets next week!! Poster 60 and her talk on Wednesday!!


A comprehensive assay of social motivation reveals sex-differential roles of ASC-associated genes and oxytocin #bioRxiv

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