On May 16th, Mike R will be defending his thesis on the Celf family of RNA binding proteins. From there, he’s heading to the Salk Institute in San Diego to do his post-doctoral work in Sreekanth Chalasani’s lab. Dr. Chalasani’s group studies neurobiology, especially of behavior and behavioral pharmacology, in the worm C. elegans. Mike will be pursuing his research interests in the neural substrates of inter-individual variability in behavior.

Just a couple of months later, Kristina will be defending her thesis (July 17th). She’ll be doing her post-doc studies in Cagla Eroglu’s lab at Duke University. The Eroglu Lab studies synaptogenesis, especially the role of astrocytes in facilitating and stabilizing synapses. Kristina will be applying her own astrocytic expertise to study how neuroligins influence astrocyte-synapse interactions, astrocyte structure, and behavior.

We’re all incredibly excited for–and proud of–both Mike and Krissy! We’re looking forward to seeing what you both discover in the course of your scientific careers.