Joe Dougherty co-author on single-nuclei RNA sequencing study

Joe Dougherty, Ph.D, Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics at Washington University School of Medicine, is an author on a recently published paper, “A single-nuclei RNA sequencing study of Mendelian and sporadic AD in the human brain.” The...

Lawson Lab has new pre-print on natural brown adipose expansion

The Lawson Lab has a new pre-print, “Natural brown adipose expansion and remission of hyperglycemia in obese SM/J mice.” Caryn Carson and Mario Miranda, graduate students in the Lawson Lab, are first authors on the pre-print. Heather Lawson, Ph.D.,...

Susan Dutcher awarded MIRA from NIGMS

Dr. Susan K. Dutcher, Professor of Genetics and of Cell Biology and Physiology, has been awarded a MIRA (Maximizing Investigators Research Award) from NIGMS for five years. Congratulations, Dr. Dutcher!

Emily Hunter joins Dutcher Lab as postdoctoral fellow

Dr. Emily Hunter has joined the Dutcher Lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Hunter did her graduate work at Emory University. She was awarded a W.M. Keck Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Molecular Medicine. Welcome, Dr. Hunter!