Washington U STAR Pre-Sophomore Summer Scholars Program

Our Summer Scholars Program is an eight-week, minority-focused, research program for rising Washington University sophomores interested in scientific research.  The goal of the program is to expose students to mentored research in the context of a positive, personal, supportive, and critical scientific environment that drives student success in order to help them learn if they enjoy research.  If you want to spend a fun summer in a research lab and with our program, check us out below and then CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY (The 2020 application is not yet available. Please check back shortly)

2013 Summer Program





2017 Summer Program





Key Program Activities:

Mentored full-time research in a top-notch Washington University research lab.

Free housing and $1600 summer stipend

Rigorous personalized training in scientific presentation.

Opening and closing dinners at the program director’s house for students and their friends.

Weekly Evening Science talks from PhD scientists about their research and career path.

New: Student panels on graduate school and medical school and the MD/PhD.

Closing symposium for all students and their labs.


Student feedback on the Washington U STAR Summer Scholars program

“I loved the community, and it helped me realize the importance of a support system when trying something new, like research.” 

“As much as the practice mini talks for the symposium were frightening, I would say have two of them because they were astoundingly helpful.”

“I loved the mini-symposium. I enjoyed being able to share my research with my peers, and it was  nice to hear about everyone else’s research.”

“The abstracts were surprisingly helpful. Initially I was shocked when we were asked to write an abstract so early. But doing this really made me receptive to my project. I was able to see my project progressing rather than waiting for it to make sense down the line.”

“The Thursday Lectures were great. First off we got pizza! But, the lectures were awesome. I found it interesting learning about what people were researching. And I enjoyed hearing about how each researcher got to where they are now.”

“I thought the abstract & schematic writing process was extremely helpful for focusing my project, and I particularly appreciated Jim’s thorough edits. If anything, I think the abstract could be introduced sooner (the first week?) so that students are forced to sit down with their mentors and streamline their projects from the get-go.”

“My favorite thing about the STAR program (besides Dr. Skeath’s wonderful dinners) was the Thursday talk series. The speakers were extremely engaging. I loved that they not only gave an overview of their work, but also discussed how they found their field and ended up at Wash U. It was helpful to see how most did not follow a straight path from undergrad, but rather ended up exploring many areas of science and even other fields entirely.”