The Genome Engineering and iPSC Center (GEiC) is rolling out new services for researchers. The center will now offer next generation sequencing-based STR profiling for more economical and sensitive cell authentication.

GEiC’s new profiling service will give researchers peace of mind that they’re working with the cell line they think they’re working with. It will help detect potential cross contamination from another cell line at as low as 1%.

The GEiC will also offer reprogramming from blood samples, or iPSCs delivered in 6-8 weeks from fresh or frozen PBMCs.

Last, the center will help researchers with CRISPR screens. Scientists can use the service to design, construct, and QC gRNA libraries before viral production.

“The new services have been developed to specifically address the NIH requirement for authentication of key resources, meet the need for easier pediatric patient sample collection for reprogramming and serve the increasing interest in CRISPR screens. We hope to offer additional services on sequencing the post screening pool and bioinformatics analysis in the near future. Please come to talk to us about these offerings and help us make them better fit your research needs,” said GEiC Director Xiaoxia Cui.

Researchers can contact Cui at with inquiries.