The Department of Genetics held its annual holiday party this afternoon. A standout event was the holiday baking contest. The top prize went to Kim Kruse from Dr. Jeff Milbrandt’s lab for her “Brain Food,” or red velvet cake with fondant.

Kim Kruse holds her winning dessert, “Brain Food.”

Prizes in the “Most Genetics Oriented” category went to two winners: Omar Delannoy-Bruno in Jeff Gordon’s lab for his Rosalind Frankly X-ray carrot cake. Omar clinched the pre-NGS era category prize. Paula Godoy and Renee Sears in Dr. Ting Wang’s lab won the NGS-Era prize for their 3D-genome (chromosome; DNA base pairs; histones; and epigenetic gene regulation).

The “Best Tasting” category winner was a “Transcription mocked by Txn factors chocolate cheesecake” from Clarice Hong, Dana King, Max Staller, and Siqi Zhao in Dr. Barak Cohen’s lab.

There were many other creative entries so it was difficult to choose winners!

Dr. Jeff Milbrandt, Dr. Don Conrad, and Katinka Vigh-Conrad, PhD, Manager of Marketing & Communications for WUSM’s Department of Pathology & Immunology, survey the Wang lab’s contribution to the holiday baking contest.

Happy Holidays from the Department of Genetics!