Dr. Samantha A. Morris (left) and Dr. Susan Dutcher with Washington University in St. Louis Chancellor Mark Wrighton at the 25th Annual Outstanding Scientists Awards.

Susan Dutcher, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics and Cell Biology & Physiology at Washington University School of Medicine, and Samantha A. Morris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology and Genetics at Washington University School of Medicine, were honored on April 4 at the Academy of Science St. Louis 25th Annual Outstanding Scientists Awards. Dr. Dutcher was awarded the 2019 George Engelmann Interdisciplinary Award for “outstanding achievement in science, engineering, or technology that results from collaboration among two or more (up to three) individuals across disciplinary or institutional boundaries,” and Dr. Morris was awarded the 2019 Innovation Award. Read more about Dr. Dutcher and Dr. Morris’s work on the Academy of Science website. Congratulations, Dr. Dutcher and Dr. Morris!