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WUSM friends! Print & post this flyer! Make sure people know about reporting mechanisms!

If you think it should be mandated to put this in labs/on TV boards across campus, tell the Campus Climate Taskforce here:

Online flyer:

Rare sighting of the PI (@joeddougherty) in the lab!!! A crowd gathered to observe the phenomenon 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🧑‍🔬


What @TempleUniv is doing to striking grad students is reprehensible: effective immediately they are halting all benefits, pay, and they are billing them for tuition. @TempleUniv claims to care about equity; clearly they don't for @TUGSA_6290 grad students.

Had an incredible time meeting collaborators and some of my scientific inspirations at the @SFARIorg sex differences in autism conference this past weekend. Plus any travel with @din0506 is bound to be a good time. @CarpeRibosomam


Excited to share work led by @KaylaNygaard7 during her journey to PhD w/ the Doc lab & @joedougehrty to further our understanding of the behavioral genetics of #williamssyndrome

Doc Lab welcomed our latest Doc - Dr. Jiayang Chen @WikkyChen!! Jiayang presented a wonderful thesis on his #MYT1L studies, made his audience cry with his acknowledgement, and recognized @joeddougherty's mentorship with hand-written calligraphy! Jiayang, we will miss you dearly!


Overheard in lab:
Stu: "Yeah, the law of diminishing returns"
Colin: "...the second law of physics"
Lillian: "Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction?
Colin: "No, that's the second amendment."

(usu. disclaimer that this twitter≠institutional or NIH views)

@papouinlab @CarpeRibosomam @ResearchAmerica I'm going miss @papouinlab and @CarpeRibosomam Join these labs!!! Really, though. Amazing #astrocyte research, lots of snacks, and lots of laughs

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