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Two brilliant Doc Lab Doctors hooded yesterday! Dr. @rachelmrahn on the left and middle (alongside her two Joes, @joeddougherty & @joe_culver), and soon-to-be Dr @KaylaNygaard7 on the right. So glad to have been a part of both of your journeys, looking at your bright futures 🍾


What proves my point is the modern adaptions of Shakespeare's works. In the late 90s, the movie trend was to modernize literary works and slap new names on them. 'Clueless' is a retelling of Emma by Jane Austen but most famously is '10 Things I Hate About You'.

Interested in how manipulation of the #serotonin system during #neurodevelopment via #SSRI exposure impacts early and late morphology of projection neurons? Then check out the latest publication from @carperibosomam's @Suz_Maloney and collaborators!

@sarah_koester4 @BIG_CenterWashU “Nice little conference you scientists have going on. That’s a nice podium as well…be a shame if someone were to sh!t on it”

Fantastic lineup of speakers here at WashU, but naturally the rogue bird flying around the lecture hall steals the show. #BIGSymposium22 @BIG_CenterWashU

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