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IDDRC@WUSTL announces Dr. Joe Dougherty (@joeddougherty, @CarpeRibosomam) will serve w/ Dr. Christina Gurnett @gurnett_c as it Co-Director. Congratulations, Joe, & well-played, IDDRC@WUSTL, in selecting Joe to co-lead w/ Chris. Quite a dynamic team you've put together! @WUSTLMed

Joe Dougherty @CarpeRibosomam says, "We were studying this very wonky basic science question,‘How do proteins get made?’, & we noticed this funny thing." The study, led by @darshan1s, points to new approach to clearing toxic waste from brain.

Check out this great new article out in BRAIN from the Dougherty Lab(@CarpeRibosomam) led by @darshan1s. Loss of #AQP4-X reduces Abeta clearance, and they identify 2 drugs that boost translational readthrough and Abeta clearance!

Well, someone is having a pretty GREAT day! Congratulations to DR. Kayla Nygaard @KaylaNygaard7 (Dougherty lab @CarpeRibosomam) for her successful thesis defense today.

Want to learn more about the recently-described #MYT1Lsyndrome? Our terrific trio, @WikkyChen, Allen, & Colin just published a review on everything we know about #MYT1L from studies in cells, zebrafish, mice, and humans. Check it out:

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