Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Department of Genetics is at the forefront of the rapidly developing field known as Genomic (or Personalized) Medicine, in which genetic and epigenetic analysis coupled with clinical information enables treatments to be tailored specifically to the individual patient. The rapid evolution of sequencing technologies, automated cellular imaging, and mass spectrometry methods to rapidly perform proteomic and metabolomics studies, coupled with powerful computational tools, is revolutionizing the biological sciences. Investigators in the department are developing new methods of genomic analysis including technology and software development, epigenomics, and copy number variation as well as studies of disease pathways using model organisms, to identify and study genes responsible for human disease and treatment responses. The department supports a broad program of preclinical and graduate instruction in genetics, with research opportunities ranging from studies of transcriptional networks, population genetics, protein evolution, neurological disorders, developmental genetics, models of human disease, genome architecture, statistical genetics and computational biology, genome technologies, and infertility. We are seeking outstanding young scientists to join our team. Please direct your application to one of the following faculty, or see here for currently posted open positions.

Model organism genetics:
Susan Dutcher: centriole duplication and tubulin isoforms
Steve Johnson: growth control in zebrafish development
Heather Lawson: genetic architecture of metabolic traits
Zachary Pincus: aging and robustness in C. elegans
Tim Schedl: germ cell development in C. elegans
Jim Skeath: neurodevelopment in Drosophila

Barak Cohen: regulatory genomics
Justin Fay: population and evolutionary genetics
Jeff Milbrandt: metabolic control of axonal/glial interactions
Rob Mitra: technology development for systems biology
Samantha Morris: single cell sequencing and cell fate regulatory networks
Gary Stormo: computational biology of DNA
Ting Wang: epigenomics and computational biology

Statistical Genomics:
Michael A. Province: statistical methods, complex modeling, study design, complex traits
Ingrid B. Borecki: cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic diseases, statistical genetics
Nancy Saccone: complex diseases, quantitative methods

Applicants should send a CV and the names and contact information of three referees to one of these faculty members.