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    Current Lab Members 


    Don Conrad, Ph.D.

    Principal Investigator


    Don Conrad is a human geneticist who completed his PhD with Jonathan Pritchard at University of Chicago, and a post-doc with Matthew Hurles at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, before joining WashU as an assistant professor in 2011. A fairly recent copy of his CV is available here. He is an active member of www.genomesunzipped.org, a group of professionals providing perspectives and tools for personal genomics.


    Ana Lima, Ph.D.
    Post-doctoral fellow
    1) August 2016 - present
    2) 2012 - July 2016 (Graduate student, primary affiliation - University of Porto)
    Abul Usmani, Ph.D.
    Post-doctoral fellow
    June 2014 - present
    Jannette Rusch, Ph.D.
    Staff Scientist
    August 2014 - present
    Liina Nagirnaja, Ph.D.
    Post-doctoral fellow
    January 2015 - present
    Min Jung
    Graduate student (HSG)
    May 2015 - present
    Chengran Yang
    Graduate student (HSG)
    February 2016 - present
    Joint with Joe Dougherty
    Brian Leon-Ricardo
    Graduate student (CSB)
    April 2016 - present
    Wu-Lin Charng, Ph.D.
    Post-doctoral fellow
    August 2016 - present
    Nicole Rockweiler
    Graduate Student (CSB)
    August 2016 - present
    Casey Drubin
    M.D. Student
    September 2016 - present
    Avinash Ramu
    Graduate student (HSG)
    1) May 2017 - present
    2) 2011-2013 (Programmer)
    Last updated on 9/10/2017

    Lab Alumni

    Photo Name Role in lab Time in lab Where they went
    Amy Wilfert, Ph.D. Graduate student 5/2012-6/2017 Postdoctoral Fellow

    at Evan Eichler’s Lab

    wang_liang-bo Liang-Bo Wang Rotation student 12/2016-2/2017 Graduate student

    at Li Ding’s lab

    Jess Jessica Forman Rotation student 8/2016-10/2016 Graduate student

    at Jeff Gordon’s lab

     Suhaira Suhaira Ahmad YSP Summer high school student 5/2016-7/2016 High school student

    at Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience

     Jiayue Jiayue Liu Rotation student 2/2016-4/2016 Graduate student

    at Rob Mitra’s lab

    Brianne Brianne Tabers Technician 10/2013-4/2016 Technician

    at Washington University School of Medicine

     Nic Nicholas Ho Rui Yuan, Ph.D. Graduate student 5/2011-2/2016 Postdoctoral fellow

    at THE Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (A*STAR) Singapore

     Arthur Arthur Lee, M.D., Ph.D. Graduate student 7/2011-1/2016 Postdoctoral Fellow

    at Elizabeth Engle’s Lab

     Ni Ni Huang, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow 8/2012-6/2015 Research Associate

    at Gurdon Institute

     kristen_wendt Kristen Wendt Rotation student Fall 2014 Graduate student

    at Himadri Pakrasi’s lab

     michiel Michiel Noordam, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2014 Junior PI

    at Maastricht University

     matthew_bailey Matthew Bailey  Rotation student 11/2013-1/2014 Graduate student

    at Li Ding’s lab

     Avi Avinash Ramu  Programmer 2011-2013 Graduate student rotating

    in HSG program

     nathan_kopp Nathan Kopp  Rotation student 6/2013-9/2013 Graduate student

    at Joseph Dougherty’s lab

     amy_langdon Amy Langdon  Rotation Student 6/2013-8/2013 Graduate student

    at Gautam Dantas’s lab

     female_image Nishtha Singhal Undergraduate Research Scholar Summer 2013  Co-founder

    at Zyme Technologies

     ruth-huang-miller Ruth Miller, Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2012
     chris_noda Chris Noda Intern Summer 2012  Research Technician

    at Washington University School of Medicine

     francine_camacho Francine Camacho Undergraduate Research Scholar Summer 2012  Graduate student

    at Princeton University

     henry_schreiber Henry Schreiber  Rotation Student Spring 2012 Graduate student

    at Scott Hultgren’s lab

     zane_goodwin Zane Goodwin  Rotation Student Spring 2012 Graduate student

    at Cristina Strong’s lab

     breanne_harty Breanne Harty  Rotation Student Fall 2011 Graduate student

    at Kelly Monk’s lab

    ruteja_barve Ruteja Barve  Rotation Student 5/2011-7/2011 Graduate student

    at Charles Gu’s lab

     shelina_ramnarine Shelina Ramnarine  Rotation Student 5/2011-7/2011 Graduate student

    at Nancy Saccone’s lab