Principal Investigator

Joe Dougherty, PhD. (Lab Head) I am broadly interested in how a single genome creates the cellular diversity that is discovered in the brain, and how perturbations of specific cell types in the brain may lead to disorders of the nervous system, as well as alterations of normal behavior.  We approach these questions using the tools of mouse transgenics and conditional knockouts, but guide our studies using information gleaned from human genetics studies.    We are looking for postdocs and students.  Feel free to contact me.


Lab Members

Susan Maloney, PhD. (Assistant Professor in Psychiatry) Susan’s primary research interest is understanding the impact of genetic and environmental liabilities for intellectual and developmental disorders (IDD) on neural circuit function. Her current focus is how IDD liabilities disrupt developmental trajectories, social circuits, motor function, and the roles in these areas of the serotonin, oxytocin, and opioid systems. When not sciencing, Susan spends small amounts of time enjoying a large variety of hobbies. She most enjoys spending time with friends and family and winning at board games.


Darshan Sapkota, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher) Darshan studied the mechanisms that regulate neuronal differentiation from multipotent progenitors and earned a PhD from the State University of New York, Buffalo. As a postdoc in the lab, he is characterizing different neuronal cell types of the brain based on their translational profiles. Two things thrill him the most: scientific discoveries and Mark Knopfler’s songs. 


Mike Vasek, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher) Mike earned his PhD in Neuroscience at WashU studying memory impairment and synapse elimination during viral encephalitis. His main research interests are mechanisms of learning and memory. Outside of the lab, Mike enjoys watching his 1-year-old son figure things out, cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, training his cats, and keeping African cichlids.


Reshma Bhagat, MS, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher) Reshma earned her Master’s and PhD in molecular neuroscience from the National Brain Research Centre, India. During her PhD she worked on the role of microRNAs in Zika virus induced alteration in proliferation and differentiation of human neural stem cells. She joined Dougherty lab as a postdoc in September 2019, working on delineating the role of local astrocyte translation in response to various stimuli. Outside lab she enjoys cooking, listening to Hindi music and crafting. She loves winning ping pong matches. Game?


Anthony Fischer, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher) Tony earned his PhD at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he studied mRNA decay regulation by Pumilio proteins and how this regulation leads to control of ribosome biogenesis. He joined the Dougherty lab in fall 2019, with an interest in how novel mutations in the 3′ UTRs of certain genes could be affecting decay rates of mRNAs. His hobbies include cooking, beer brewing, his kids, and strength training.


Elena Minakova, MD, MS (Collaborating Researcher) Elena is a Neonatologist at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. She has a neuroscience research background and an MS degree with a specialization in Developmental Neurobiology. She is interested in performing mouse autism studies with potential for translational applications. In her free time, she enjoys running, skating, and spending as much time as possible with her one year old!


Claire Weichselbaum (Graduate Student) Claire is a graduate student in the Neuroscience program.  She is co-mentored by Dr. Dougherty and Dr. John Constantino, conducting translational autism studies in both mouse models and human subjects.  Outside of lab she enjoys fostering kittens, playing board games, and getting kids excited about science!  She is currently co-director of the Brain Discovery outreach program.


Bernie Mulvey (Graduate Student) Bernie is an MSTP in the neurosciences graduate program. His broad interests are in cellular mechanisms of disease and treatment in psychiatry, especially within neuromodulatory cell types. His thesis work is focused on regulatory sequences and their variants, and their impact on CNS cell types hypothesized to play roles in psychiatric disease. Bernie is the Grand Overlord of the website, twitter, and all of the one pages on the top-secret, VIP-only lab Wiki. Outside of the lab, he’s a not-so-closeted news, politics, and pharmacology nerd. The closest thing he has to a hobby is reading—favorites include David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” (yes, he’s really read it, and listens to the unabridged audiobook at least yearly) and Mark Z Danielewski’s “The Familiar.”


Rachel Rahn (Graduate Student) Rachel is a graduate student in the Neuroscience program, working in the Dougherty and Culver (WUSTL Radiology) labs. She is interested in using functional neuroimaging and behavioral testing in the study of both healthy and disordered development across time in mice. Outside of the lab, she enjoys hiking, playing board games, and discussing current events.


Tomas Lagunas, Jr. (Graduate Student) Tomas is a graduate student in the Molecular Genetics and Genomics program. He double majored as an undergraduate at UC Riverside, obtaining Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. Before coming to Wash U, he worked in San Diego for a biotech company doing gene editing for trait development in plants. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, hiking, and hanging out with friends. 


Kayla Nygaard (Graduate Student) Kayla hails from small town Minnesota (cue John Mellencamp) where she grew up collecting ladybugs on dandelions and reading books by the light of the moon. She decided to study Biology at Carleton College and, when she wasn’t saving puppies from tornadoes, she spent her summers researching the coloration of lizards and learning how to lasso the little guys out in Colorado. Leaving the lizards behind in 2012, she joined Teach For America and spent the next 4 years trying to cram scientific knowledge into the brains of reluctant children in both Kentucky and Massachusetts. Kayla is now settling into life as a Molecular Genetics and Genomics graduate student and quite likes the opportunities in nearby Forest Park. You might catch her running or playing ultimate frisbee on a warm day when she’s not in lab. While she would love to study the effects of environmental stress on animal behavior through the lens of genetics, she thinks videotaping Nathan’s back-flipping mice is pretty fun too! Kayla also holds the record for longest submitted bio for the lab’s people page.


Allen Yen (Graduate Student) Allen is a graduate student in the Developmental, Regenerative, and Stem Cell Biology program. Before coming to WashU, he received a BS in biomedical engineering and a MS in biomedical research technologies from Boston University. He is interested in investigating the role of gene-environment interactions in the development of autism spectrum disorders. He is also interested in applying new technologies to address these complex questions. Outside of the lab, he enjoys camping, photography, and going to live music shows.


Jiayang Chen (Graduate Student) Jiayang Chen is a graduate student in Molecular and Cell Biology program. And Wiki is his secret English name that only several people know about. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Fudan University, China. Before coming to WashU, he worked as research assistant to investigate brainstem synaptic function and visual system development in neurological disorders. In the Dougherty Lab, he has continued pursuing his interest in studying neurodevelopmental disorders, especially autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Other dreams (hobbies?) outside the lab: becoming a marine mammal zoologist, winning badminton Olympic gold medal, being recognized as a professional photographer, and traveling around the world.


Simona Sarafinovska (Graduate Student) is an MSTP candidate joining the neuroscience program. She’s originally from Macedonia and came to the US for her undergrad at Columbia University. Her interest in molecular biology led her to a lab investigating how early-life adversity via epigenetic factors impacts later-life susceptibility to anxiety and depression. Now, she’s more broadly interested in developmental molecular and synaptic processes that drive maladaptive behaviors and susceptibility to psychiatric disorders. During her virtual rotation, she worked on analysis of behaviors in the opioid and Myt1L projects, with a focus on learning new pipelines and methods; she joined the lab in August ’20. In her free time, she loves traveling with her sister, watching TV, and pretending to read Russian literature.


Raylynn Swift, M.A. (Behavior Technician)


Kelli McFarland White, M.S. (Research Lab Supervisor) Kelli is excited to return to Washington University after a brief stint working for a medical device startup company.  Upon completing her Master’s (a long, long time ago) studying both the evolution of color vision in fishes as well as mandibular evolution of the African scaly-tailed flying squirrel, she enjoyed a year teaching high school biology.  The vast majority of her career, though, has been spent managing a biomedical engineering lab at WUSTL.  Outside of the lab, Kelli is a yoga teacher, a mom to a radical 3 year old, and a wife.  She loves being active outside; trail running, cycling, camping, and now even outdoor strength training (thanks, Covid).  Once upon a time, she even played roller derby and was a kickboxing instructor.  Kelli now finds contentment in her current, “gardening phase of life.”


Yating Liu (Programmer) Yating has a Bachelor’s in biology, Masters in nutrition and computer science. She is interested in software development, data science/engineering, and getting new technical skills and etc. Besides these, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities: running, hiking, biking, kayaking, and wandering at the zoo. She loves her cat named Maoqiu (furry ball) and is eager to get a big dog in the future.

Katie McCullough (Mouse Technician)


Stephen Plassmeyer (Lab Technician)


Lexi Harris (Lab Technician) After earning a B.S. in biochemistry from Mizzou, Lexi worked at WashU in the Cardiology Department for three years. She took a brief hiatus from science, during which she traveled the western United States, and has since returned to the Dougherty Lab as a research assistant. In the lab, she focuses on local translation in astrocytes. Outside of the lab, she focuses on making and eating pasta, baking, and camping. (Editor’s note: Impressively, she apparently is focused in all things she does.)


Sarah Koester (Rotating Graduate Student) Sarah is a rotation student in the Molecular Cell Biology program. She majored in Biochemistry at the University of Southern Indiana, where she also finished an 11-year cross country and track career that can be described as mediocre at best. Afterwards, she spent 2 years as a research technician in the Di Cera lab at SLU studying enzyme allostery and conformational selection in trypsin-like proteases. Starting graduate school, she is broadly interested in the regulation and functional diversity of RNAs. Outside of the lab, she is the proud pawrent of 2 dogs, an expired runner with all intentions of starting back up again, and probably the only one laughing at her own jokes.


Jelani Deajon-Jackson (Undergraduate Researcher) Jelani is an undergrad at WashU who aims to major in the Neuroscience track of Biology and minor in Chemistry or Economics. He worked with Mike V. in Summer ’18 observing mRNA translation in the distal processes of microglia. Outside of the lab Jelani spends his time tutoring his fellow undergrads in the General Chemistry course or participating in the City Faces organization as a mentor for children in the Clinton-Peabody Public Housing community. He is connoisseur of unhealthy snacks, especially anything that contains excess cheese and salt. 


Rena Silverman (Undergraduate Researcher) Rena is an undergrad at WashU majoring in Biology and planning to minor in Psychology. She is currently working with Susan to examine the impact of SSRI exposure during pregnancy on juvenile social behaviors in the mouse model.  This summer, she will work with Susan to use Fos, a neuronal activation marker, to localize brain activity during mouse pup vocalizations.  Outside of the lab, Rena enjoys running in Forest Park and spending time with friends.


Dora Tabachnick (Undergraduate Researcher) Dora is an undergraduate student at WashU majoring in Neuroscience and double minoring in Children’s Studies and Spanish. She is currently working with Susan and Katie and is interested in the behavioral mice studies being conducted in the lab. Dora plans on attending medical school and would like to practice as a surgeon. Outside of the lab, Dora enjoys practicing Tae Kwon do, watching movies and running her club “WashU’s Save a Child’s Heart”.


Joelle Schneiderman (Undergraduate Researcher) Joelle is a first year student at Washington University at the College of Arts and Sciences.  She has not yet decided on a major, but is considering neuroscience and statistics.  In the lab, her work focuses on Austism Spectrum Disorder.  Outside the lab, Joelle swims butterfly on the WashU varsity swim team and enjoys cooking and working out.

Lab Graduates

Mike Rieger, PhD (Graduate Student) Mike is interested in the cellular and genetic mechanisms that may underlie complex social behavior, organization and communication in higher animals. He is also interested in developing new technology, assays and approaches to address these questions.  He is a hobby linguist with specific interests in phonotactics, diachronic phonology and Arabic and Romance dialectology. You can find him serving as co-moderator of the Arabic & Etymology and History of Languages fora at He is also an avid collector of vinyl records and a committed commuter cyclist and user of public transit. Mike has started his post-doctoral work at the Salk Institute of Biological Sciences where he is studying genes and circuits contributing to individual variability in behavior phenotypes in C. elegans.


Robert Boston Photograph DBBS Lab shots in the BJH Institute of Health
Kristina Sakers, PhD (Graduate Student) Kristina is in the Neurosciences program and is currently investigating local translation in perisynaptic astrocyte processes. She is from NJ and a graduate of Rutgers University. Outside of lab she enjoys working out, playing IM sports and spending time with her perfect mini aussie, Zooey. Krissy is soon headed to Duke to start her postdoctoral work in the lab of Cagla Eroglu, studying how synaptic proteins influence astrocyte structure and how astrocytes influence synapse formation and stabilization!


Rebecca Ouwenga (Graduate Student) Rebecca is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics and Genomics program. Her work in the lab was in synaptic translational localization and regulation, including among different cell types.


Nathan Kopp (Graduate Student) Nathan is a graduate student in the Human and Statistical Genetics program. He is interested in understanding the genetic contributions to animal social behavior. He is from IL and is an alumnus of Truman State University. He enjoys volleyball and reading. Nathan successfully defended his thesis on Williams’ syndrome genetics in mice and humans in May 2019, and is now studying to be a clinical laboratory geneticist at UCLA!


Alumni Lab Members

Scott Lee (Undergraduate Researcher) Scott is a senior studying neuroscience at Saint Louis University who joined the lab as a 2019 ENDURE Scholar. This summer, he will work with Sean to study the 3′-UTR of SPARC (a protein secreted by astrocytes that regulates synaptogenesis) and Claire to determine what cell types in the brain are implicated in social reward. During his free time, Scott likes to study Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic in hopes of becoming a true polyglot. Scott has gone onto a post-bacc at Jackson labs after two productive years with us!


Sean Brophy, Ph.D. (Staff Scientist) Sean has returned to the School of Medicine after spending the past 15 years in the biotech sector focused primarily on crop transgenics.  He originally received his undergrad and grad degrees from Wash U, where his work included marker discovery on the human X chromosome at the Center for Genomics in Medicine, as well as work engineering Salmonella strains for human vaccine development in the lab of Roy Curtiss. After bringing a new age of order and ordering to the Dougherty lab, Sean took a position as lab manager for our downstairs neighbor (and fellow glia enthusiast)’s group, Jonathan Kipnis.


Justine Garin (Undergraduate Research Technician) Justine is a senior undergrad at Wash U majoring in Biology with a double minor in Spanish and Global Health and the Environment. In the lab, she is working on an Alzheimer’s project with Darshan Sapkota as well as contributing to the CNIH-3 gene project on opiate addiction. She plans on taking a gap year before applying to medical school. Outside of lab she loves to hike, hammock and try new restaurants around the city. Justine has left the Midwestern coop for the more temperate climes of San Francisco as she pursues her interests in healthcare–wisely, in time to apply to CA schools as a state resident!


Chayla Vazquez (Rotation Student) Chayla is a student in the PhD Neuroscience program at WashU. She is interested in studying the affects of stress at the biomolecular level. She is passionate about investigating psychiatric diseases and an advocate for bettering mental health in society. In her free time, Chayla likes to write, workout, and go on hikes. Chayla rotated working with Bernie and Allen on sex differences in genetic regulation and in vivo luciferase imaging in mouse brain.


Haley Crosby (Research Technician) Haley is a recent grad of WashU with majors in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology as well as Biology. She worked for two years with Mike V. exploring the mechanism by which microglia interact with neuronal cells, and what role they play in synaptic pruning. She spends her time outside the lab planning programs as a residential adviser, going to local elementary schools with the neuroscience outreach program ‘Synapse’, and relaxing with a good book and good music. Haley defended her undergraduate thesis in Spring 2018, completing her undergraduate thesis work with the Dougherty lab. In 2018-19, she worked as a clinical scribe while studying gene expression in human CNS tissue with Bernie. Haley is now on her way to medical school!


Chengran Yang (Graduate Student) Chengran is a graduate student in the Human and Statistical Genetics program. He is interested in developing a statistical framework of inference for gene regulatory networks using RNA-seq and other next generation sequencing data. He is now in the lab of Dr. Carlos Cruchaga.


Selma Avdagic (Post-Baccalaureate Researcher) Selma graduated from Saint Louis University with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Psychology and German and recently completed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Premedical Studies at Washington Unviersity. She has more than 5 years of research experience with Drosophila melanogaster and joined the Dougherty lab to gain more research experience. Her interests outside of academics and lab include interior design, photography and spending time outdoors with family, friends and her dog, Luna. 


Allie Lake (Programmer) Allie has a Bachelor’s in math and computer science, but is pursuing a career in medicine. After graduating from Haverford and working as a software developer in Boston, she is happily back in her hometown of St. Louis. Allie’s hobbies include running, hiking, reading novels, dabbling in various musical instruments, and walking her very lively Dachshund mix. After three very productive years–over half a dozen authorships, and a first-author manuscript in progress from an independent analytical human genomics project–Allie is off to Vanderbilt on a full ride as an MD-PhD student!


Mara Cowen (Undergraduate Researcher) Mara is a 2017 AMGEN Scholar [summer research program] from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina. She is majoring in developmental neuroscience with an interest in the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental disorders. In her spare time Mara enjoys travel, ceramics, and binge watching Netflix. Mara will be starting her PhD studies in fall 2018!


Lucia Grandison (Undergraduate Researcher) Lucia is an undergrad at WashU and a prospective Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology major with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She works with Dr. Sapkota validating novel gene calling cards using primary cell lines. Outside of the lab, she participates in multiple on-campus performance groups, including The Ghost Lights a cappella, Black Anthology, and Carnaval. She is known amongst friends for randomly slipping into a surprisingly convincing British accent and spontaneously bursting into song. Her current musical obsessions include Rent and Hamilton: An American Musical.


Celine St. Pierre (Rotation Student) Celine is a first year student in the Human and Statistical Genetics program. She is broadly interested in the influence of genes and environment on psychiatric traits. After graduating from the University of Chicago, she was a lab manager for three years in Chicago and San Diego. She’s now returned to her native St. Louis for graduate school. Outside of lab, Celine enjoys listening to music, watching TV, and playing pub trivia.


Yige (Alica) Wu (Rotation Student) Alica comes from Zhejiang, a place known as Land of Fish and Rice in eastern coastal China. She traveled north to Peking University to study biology for her undergraduate degree. She’s now working on pan-cancer proteomics, particularly kinase-substrate phosphorylation networks. Outside of lab, she enjoys things friendly to mind-wandering, which include hiking, going to concerts and watching movies. Yige has joined the Li Ding lab for her graduate work!


Rohan Khazanchi (Undergraduate Researcher) Rohan is from Omaha, NE majoring in Biology (Neuroscience concentration) with minors in Music and Psychology. He did two years of work with Joe and Kristina on investigating local RNA translation in peripheral astrocyte processes. Rohan’s interests at WashU outside of the lab include performing around campus/St. Louis with various music groups and trying to discover St. Louis’s best milkshakes. Rohan has left the lab and is headed for med school!


Hanyue “Cecilia” Lei (Rotation Student) Cecilia is a first year graduate student in the Molecular Genetics and Genomics program. She is working on developing a novel qPCR strategy that will allow the identification of mRNA translation initiation sites in depolarized neurons. Outside of lab, she enjoys watching animes and traveling around.


Dionnet Bhatti (Rotation Student) Dionnet hails from Georgia where he received his bachelor degrees in biology and psychology from the University of Georgia. He is interested in delineating neural circuits that mediate motivated behaviors in both healthy and neuropsychiatric disease states. Outside the lab, Dionnet enjoys making music, pushing wood on wheels, and snuggling with his cat named Kween. Dionnet is now in the lab of Michael Greengard at Rockefeller, and we are currently collaborating with him on a TRAP-based project.


Diana Christian (Rotation Student) Diana is a student in the neuroscience graduate program. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio. She’s interested in how genetic changes relate to behavior and neuropsychiatric diseases. When not in the lab, Diana enjoys baking, cooking, listening to podcasts, and playing board games.


Christine Jakes (Post-Baccalaureate)Christine is in the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program at Washington University. She is starting medical school in Fall 2017, pursuing a career in psychiatry. Christine is interested in maternal influences on prenatal brain development. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, crafting, and volunteering.  Christine is from Chicago and is a proud alumna of the Fighting Illini.


Travis Mazer (Rotation Student) worked with the Dougherty lab as a first year graduate student in the Molecular Genetics and Genomics program. He is interested in studying neonatal levels of androgens’ effects on the development of sexually dimorphic behavior, brain anatomy, and genetic expression. He is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan and received his bachelor’s in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Outside of the lab, he is an avid political and house/jazz music junky, and will gladly explain why any beer not made in Michigan is inferior.


Shyam Akula (Undergraduate Researcher) Shyam has left us to start his new endeavor as an MD/PhD student at Harvard!! A born and raised southern Californian, Shyam came to Washington University in St. Louis (class of 2016) to study Neuroscience with minors in Psychology and Global Health. Outside of academic or research work, he teaches music, and watches way too much television.

Megha Varghese (Undergraduate Researcher)


Evelyn Shen (Undergraduate Researcher) Evelyn is currently at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Anthropology: Global Health and Environment with a minor in Medical Humanities. She is a Texan through and through, and outside of the lab, she enjoys visiting farmers markets and running around to explore the city. She hopes to pursue an MD program after graduating.


Tami copy
Tami Markovic (Rotation Student, Neurosciences) Tami comes from Serbia and graduated with bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from SUNY at Buffalo. She is interested in studying mechanisms behind drug addiction and pain management. Outside the lab, she enjoys in playing tennis, cooking (yay food) and traveling. Tami has joined the lab of Jose Moron-Concepcion at Wash U for her thesis.


Sabin Nettles - Photo
Sabin Nettles (Rotation student, Neurosciences) Sabin worked with the Dougherty lab as a first year graduate student in the Neuroscience program. She is interested in researching the mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, namely autism and schizophrenia, by studying the transcriptome and proteome in the brain. She is a Nashville, Tennessee native and graduate of Boston College. Outside of the lab, she enjoys playing and watching soccer and is a devout Passion Pit fan.


David O’Brien (Programmer) David has a Master’s degree in bioinformatics. He worked on a project that explores cell-specific non-coding RNAs. In his spare time he develops automated trading strategies for foreign currency trading and enjoys hiking and recreational sports. Having recently moved to St. Louis he is trying to become Rams fan, but the team’s constant foibles are making the task very difficult. David recently accepted a job at Mercy Hospital!


Krystal Chandler(Post-Baccalaureate)


Satchel Siegel (Undergraduate Researcher) Satchel Siegel graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. He studied Neuroscience and Healthcare Management and would like to pursue an MD/MBA degree in the future. Outside of the classroom he enjoys babysitting for children with Autism and spending time on the golf course. Satchel is currently working in Chicago.


Adarsh Reddy, PhD (Psychiatry Resident, Postdoctoral Fellow)
 Adarsh completed his medical school in St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, India and then got his PhD in Neuroscience at Washington University under the guidance of Mark Sands. His hobbies include playing cricket, swimming, occasional salsa dancing, following technology news and he is beginning experimentation with fusion cuisine. Adarsh is off to NJ with his wife to begin his career as a physician scientist!


Yifan Meng (Undergraduate Researcher) Yifan majored in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. Aside from the sciences, she works with a nonprofit organization called Styleta. She likes truly random things such as shredded cheese, political commentaries by Jon Stewart and colorful fashion editorials. In her spare time, she likes to visit tumblr and reblog posts excessively. Her pet peeves include writing autobiographies.

Allyson Mallya (Undergraduate Researcher) Allyson graduated and left us for graduate school! Thanks for your help Allyson.


Sukrit Singh (Undergraduate Researcher) Sukrit is an international student from New Delhi, India, and is double majoring in molecular biology and chemistry. He is interested in the cellular and chemical mechanisms that result in various disorders and conditions. Beyond video games, he enjoys sports and is particularly fond of martial arts and soccer. When he’s not strumming away on his sitar or hanging out with friends, he can usually be found reading a good book or tinkering with code.

Samir Shah (Undergraduate Researcher)Samir is originally from Lexington, Kentucky. He is currently majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Biology and public health. Outside of academics, he enjoys playing outdoor sports, running, and spending time with friends. Additionally, he eats too much candy and drinks too many sodas.


Nilu Pisat, PhD (Research Assistant) After two awesome years helping get the lab up and running, Nilu has headed out to spend more time with her (super cute) kids.  She still comes to lab parties sometimes though. She is missed!


Han Yuan (Undergraduate Researcher) Han is an international student from Nanjing, China, and a rising senior at Washington University in Saint Louis. He is majoring in Biology and Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. Outside of class, he enjoys sports, computer games, and hang out with friends.  He’s off to graduate school at Cornell.  Congrats Han!


Alan Wells (Masters Student) Alan Wells is a graduate student originally from San Diego, California. He is currently finishing his Masters in Biostatistics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis with a focus in statistical genetics. His work in the Dougherty lab focused on region/cell specific expression analysis. Outside of the lab, his interests are frisbee golf, computers, and whatever activities St. Louis has to offer at the current time of year.


Photo on 6-9-13 at 4.00 PM
Afua Adutwumwa Akuffo (Research Technician II) Afua Akuffo, popularly known as Chu Chu, graduated with honors in B.S. Biology from Lafayette College, Easton PA. Chu Chu was our Research Technician/ Mini Lab Manager. Her main project focused on reprogramming fibroblasts into hypocretin neurons using transcription factors and microRNAs, and testing the effects of various transcription factors on the hypocretin promoter. Additionally, Chu Chu maintained our mouse colony. Her goal in life is to cure cancer and to have twin boys with middle names Crick-Franklin and Watson-Franklin.


Euna Park (Undergraduate Researcher) Euna Park is currently at the Washington University in St. Louis. She is a premed student, working towards a history major with a biology minor. She is involved with Night Off, a student run organization providing childcare for autistic children. In her free time, she enjoys playing violin, writing, and drawing.


Eakta Khangura Eakta is a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Student at Washington University.  Currently a long-term volunteer, she is very broadly interested in exploring the links between biomedical research and its application to healthcare and medicine.  Her free time largely revolves around british television and reading.


Lab pic
Rohit Jaswaney(Undergraduate Researcher – Jointly with Adish Dani lab) Rohit is currently at Washington University in St. Louis. He is a premed student majoring in Biology and minoring Psychology. Rohit is currently involved in City Faces, a program that pairs undergraduates with inner city children to serve as mentors and tutors. In his free time he likes to read, listen to music, and play basketball.


Kellie Wilson (Undergraduate Researcher) Kellie Wilson is currently at Washington University. She is majoring in a combination of Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology, and minoring in Biomedical Physics. She plans to pursue a PhD in neuroscience after graduation. Outside of the lab, she is involved in leading an after school dance club at a local Middle School and leads calculus tutoring groups for freshmen students. If she has free time, she loves to curl up with a good book and read in the sunshine, listen to her country music, or keep up on some of her skills from gymnastics.


Jasbir Dalal, Ph.D (Staff Scientist)