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Research Publications

Brenner JL, Schedl, T. Germline stem cell differentiation entails regional control of cell fate regulator GLD-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2016, Genetics, 202:1085-1103.  Brenner and Schedl 2016_PDF Brenner and Schedl 2016_Supplement_PDF

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Fox, PM, Schedl, T. Analysis of germline stem cell differentiation following loss of GLP-1 Notch activity in C. elegans, 2015, Genetics, 201:167-184.  PDF

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Zhang, L, Han, L, Ma, R, Hou, X, Yu, Y, Sun, S, Xu, Y, Schedl, T, Moley, K, Wang, Q. Sirt3 prevents maternal obesity-associated oxidative stress and meiotic defects in mouse oocytes. 2015, Cell Cycle, In Press  PDF

Ma, R, Hou, X, Zhang, L, Sun, S, Schedl, T, Moley, K, Qiang Wang, Q. Rab5a is required for spindle length control and kinetochore-microtubule attachment during meiosis in oocytes. 2014, FASEB Journal, 28:4026-4035.  PDF

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Luzzo, KM, Wang, Q, Purcell, SH, Chi, M, Jimenez, PT, Grinder, N, Schedl, T, Moley, KH. High fat diet induced developmental defects in the mouse: oocyte meiotic aneuploidy and fetal growth retardation/brain defects. 2012; PLoS One, 7:e49217.  PDF

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Wang, C, Wilson-Berry, L, Schedl, T, and Hansen, D. TEG-1 CD2BP2 regulates stem cell proliferation and sex determination in the C. elegans germ line and physically interacts with the UAF-1 U2AF65 splicing factor. 2012; Developmental Dynamics, 241:505-521. PDF

Arur, S, Ohmachi, M, Berkseth, M, Nayak, S, Hansen, D, Zarkower, D, and Schedl, T. MPK-1 ERK controls membrane organization in C. elegans oogenesis via a sex determination module. 2011; Developmental Cell, 20:677-688.  PDF Supplement

Fox, P, Vought, V, Hanazawa, M, Lee, M-H, Maine, E, and Schedl, T. Cyclin E and CDK-2 regulate proliferative cell fate and cell cycle progression in the C. elegans germline. 2011; Development, 138:2223-2234.  PDF Supplement

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Rangarajan, A, Schedl, T, Yook, K, Chan, J, Haenel, S, Otis, L, Faelten, S, DePellegrin-Connelly, T, Isaacson, R, Skrzypek, M, Cherry, M, Sternberg, P, and Muller, H-M.  Towards an interactive article: intergrating journals and biological databases. 2011; BMC Bioinforamtics, 12:175.  PDF

Wang Q, A. Frolova, K. Adastra, S. Purcell, E. Schoeller, M. Chi, T. Schedl, and Moley, K. Mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in cumulus cells of type I diabetic mice. 2010; PLoS ONE, 5:e15901-e15911.  PDF

Kerins, JA, Hanazawa, M, Dorsett, M, Schedl, T.  PRP-17 and the pre-mRNA splicing pathway are preferentially required for the proliferation versus meiotic development decision and germline sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans. Developmental Dynamics. 2010, 239:1555-1572   PDF

Howell, K, Arur, S, Schedl, T, and Sundaram, M.  EOR-2 is an obligate binding partner of the BTB-zinc finger protein EOR-1 in C. elegans. Genetics. 2010  184: 899–913 PDF

Dorsett, M. and Schedl, T. A role for dynein in the inhibition of germ cell proliferative fate. Molecular Cell Biology.  2009  29:6128-6139.  PDF

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Jantsch, V, Tang, L, Pasierbek, P, Penkner, A, Nayak, S, Baudrimont, A,  Schedl, T. Gartner, A, and Loidl, J. C. elegans prom-1 is required for meiotic prophase progression and homologous chromosome pairing. 2007; Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2007 18:4911-4920. PDF Supplement

Schumacher B, Hanazawa M, Lee MH, Nayak S, Volkmann K, Hofmann R, Hengartner M, Schedl T, Gartner A. Translational repression of C. elegans p53 by GLD-1 regulates DNA damage-induced apoptosis. Cell. 2005 Feb 11;120(3):357-68. PDF

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Hansen D, Wilson-Berry L, Dang T, Schedl T. Control of the proliferation versus meiotic development decision in the C. elegans germline through regulation of GLD-1 protein accumulation. Development. 2004 Jan;131(1):93-104. Epub 2003 Dec 3. PDF

Primig M, Wiederkehr C, Basavaraj R, Sarrauste de Menthiere C, Hermida L, Koch R, Schlecht U, et al.  GermOnline, a new cross-species community annotation database on germ-line development and gametogenesis. Nat Genet. 2003 Dec;35(4):291-2. PDF

Ohmachi M, Rocheleau CE, Church D, Lambie E, Schedl T, Sundaram MV. C. elegans ksr-1 and ksr-2 have both unique and redundant functions and are required for MPK-1 ERK phosphorylation. Curr Biol. 2002 Mar 5;12(5):427-33. PDF

Nayak S, Santiago FE, Jin H, Lin D, Schedl T, Kipreos ET. The Caenorhabditis elegans Skp1-related gene family: diverse functions in cell proliferation, morphogenesis, and meiosis. Curr Biol. 2002 Feb 19;12(4):277-87. PDF

Hsu V, Zobel CL, Lambie EJ, Schedl T, Kornfeld K. Caenorhabditis elegans lin-45 raf is essential for larval viability, fertility and the induction of vulval cell fates. Genetics. 2002 Feb;160(2):481-92. PDF

Gumienny TL, Brugnera E, Tosello-Trampont AC, Kinchen JM, Haney LB, Nishiwaki K, Walk SF, Nemergut ME, Macara IG, Francis R, Schedl T, Qin Y, Van Aelst L, Hengartner MO, Ravichandran KS. CED-12/ELMO, a novel member of the CrkII/Dock180/Rac pathway, is required for phagocytosis and cell migration. Cell. 2001 Oct 5;107(1):27-41. PDF

Lee MH, Schedl T. Identification of in vivo mRNA targets of GLD-1, a maxi-KH motif containing protein required for C. elegans germ cell development. Genes Dev. 2001 Sep 15;15(18):2408-20. PDF Supplement

Miller MA, Nguyen VQ, Lee MH, Kosinski M, Schedl T, Caprioli RM, Greenstein D. A sperm cytoskeletal protein that signals oocyte meiotic maturation and ovulation. Science. 2001 Mar 16;291(5511):2144-7. PDF

Clifford R, Lee MH, Nayak S, Ohmachi M, Giorgini F, Schedl T. FOG-2, a novel F-box containing protein, associates with the GLD-1 RNA binding protein and directs male sex determination in the C. elegans hermaphrodite germline. Development. 2000 Dec;127(24):5265-76. PDF

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Crowder CM, Shebester LD, Schedl T. Behavioral effects of volatile anesthetics in Caenorhabditis elegans. Anesthesiology. 1996 Oct;85(4):901-12. ABSTRACT

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Barton MK, Schedl TB, Kimble J. Gain-of-function mutations of fem-3, a sex- determination gene in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 1987 Jan;115(1):107-19. PDF

Selected Reviews, Methods & Book Chapters:

Lee, M-H. and Schedl, T.  C. elegans STAR proteins, GLD-1 and ASD-2, regulate specific RNA targets to control development. In Post-transcriptional regulation by STAR proteins: control of RNA metabolism in Development and Disease.  Edited by Volk, T. and Atrzt. 2010 PDF

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Additional Research Publications By Members While In The Laboratory

Goldstein, J, Glossip, D, Nayak, S, Kornfeld, K.  The CRAL/TRIO and GOLD Domain Protein CGR-1 Promotes Ras Mediated Signaling in C. elegans. Genetics. 2006  172: 929 – 942.  PDF

Vought V, Ohmachi, M, Lee, M-H, Maine, E.  EGO-1, a putative RNA-directed RNA polymerase, promotes germline proliferation in parallel with GLP-1/Notch signaling and regulates the spatial organization of nuclear pore complexes and germline P granules in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 2005. 170:1121-1132. PDF

Maine, E, Hansen, D, Springer, D, Vought V.  Caenorhabditis elegans atx-2 promotes germline proliferation and the oocyte fate. Genetics. 2004.  168:817-830.  PDF

Kelly, W., Schaner, C, Dernburg, A, Lee, M-H, Kim, S, Villeneuve, A, Reinke, V.  X-chromosome silencing in the germline of C. elegans. Development. 2002  129:479-492.  PDF

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