The Gary D. Stormo Computational & Systems Biology Fellowship (Stormo Fellowship) recognizes individuals with outstanding potential to contribute to computational and systems biology, particularly within the context of genetics and genomics. The program will support recipients for two years, providing a $5,000 increase above the base student stipend, as well as a supply and travel budget to facilitate the student’s research and enhance their networking and career development.


  • All graduate students, domestic and foreign, affiliated with a lab under the direction of Faculty with primary or dual appointment in Genetics
  • Applicants must be formally affiliated with the lab prior to awarding of the Fellowship
  • Applicants cannot have previously received the Stormo Fellowship

Funding Specifications

  • Up to $43,500 student pay (+$5,000 above DBBS base pay)
  • $5,000 travel and supply budget

Length of Fellowship

2 years, one awardee announced each year


Stormo Fellowship Director: Dr. Guoyan Zhao

Application Process

Submit application materials to: Michelle Gibbs (

Application deadline: July 1

*For this first year of the fellowship program, students from 2nd through 4th year of graduate school can apply. In subsequent years, student in 2nd or 3rd year of graduate school who have completed Qualifying Exam (but not necessarily thesis proposal) can apply.

Application materials:

  • Resume
  • One page history of research experience
  • One page description of research interests
  • 1 letter of support from current or anticipated mentor
  • 2 letters of support from references

Review Criteria

Applicants will be reviewed for their potential to contribute to Computational & Systems Biology research, including:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of subject matter and potential to contribute to the field.
  • History of commitment to and passion for computational and systems biology, genetics, and/or genomics.
  • Thoughtfulness and creativity of prospective research interests and application in thesis lab

Awardee will be announced in September of the application year.

Questions, please contact Stormo Fellowship Director, Dr. Guoyan Zhao (