Events / Xian Piao, MD, PhD

Xian Piao, MD, PhD

12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.
Connor Auditorium (FLTC)

Xian Piao, MD, PhD Benioff Professor in Children’s Health Director, the Newborn Brain Research Institute Vice Chief of Academics, Division of Neonatology

presents, “ADGRG1/GPR56 and the brain: One molecule and multiple functions”
Hosted by:  Dr. Tristan Li
In-person only:  Connor Auditorium (FLTC)


The adhesion G protein-coupled receptor GPR56 (also called ADGRG1) defines yolk sac-derived microglia. The talk will present our unpublished work on the protective function of microglial GPR56 in AD pathology in both Aβ (5xFAD) and tau (PS19).