Research Technician II

Dougherty Lab

Position Summary

We are seeking a motivated scientist to join our team in the Dougherty Lab at Washington University! This position includes conducting rodent behavioral analysis for NIH-, foundation-, privately-, and university-funded projects. The primary responsibilities of this role include collecting behavioral data, conducting preliminary data quality analysis, maintaining experimental mouse lines, and molecular assays for genotype determination. Additional responsibilities and opportunities include statistical analysis and data interpretation, and assisting the team to bring new behavioral assays online.

Assists with the technical aspects of studies and experiments, including documentation and preparation of materials.

Job Description

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assists with research studies, experiments and assays, including collection of data, preparation of solutions and set-up and maintenance of equipment.
  • Performs data entry and maintains data files on research.
  • Rodent husbandry.
  • Collects behavioral data (including run orders, set up/clean up, testing, data entry, data reduction, data backup).
  • Conducts initial data quality checks.
  • Writes and updates testing protocols.
  • Participates in journal clubs and seminars.
  • Meets weekly with supervisors and attends and participates in lab meetings.
  • Complies with established safety procedures and maintains required documentation on laboratory and specimen conditions.
  • Ensures lab conditions and equipment are properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with established procedures.
  • Assists with general lab maintenance and cleaning.

Working Conditions

Works in laboratory environment with potential exposure to biological, chemical and radioactive hazards. Must be physically able to wear protective equipment and to provide standard care to research animals.


This position requires flexible hours as evening and weekend work may be required as needed on a study by study basis.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field such as psychology, neuroscience, or biology.
  • Strong skills in scientific and critical thinking.
  • Computer skills: proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in collaboration with a wide variety of personnel.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work well with a team.
  • Experience or proficiency with statistical analysis and relevant software such as IBM SPSS Statistics, GraphPad Prism, or R Programming.
  • Computational skills using relevant software such as R Programming, Python or MATLAB.
  • Rodent handling experience.
  • Behavioral testing experience.
  • Experience with behavioral tracking software such as Noldus Ethovision or Stoelting Any-maze.
  • Machine learning experience.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and up to one year of experience in a laboratory setting; or an equivalent combination of education and experience equaling four years.