Yang (Eric) Li, PhD

Yang (Eric) Li, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery and Genetics

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Prior to joining WashU School of Medicine, Dr. Yang Li served as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Bing Ren’s Laboratory of Gene Regulation at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of California San Diego. He holds a PhD in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics under the supervision of Dr. Zhi John Lu from Tsinghua University and Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Laws from Sichuan University.

Research focus

Our long-term research interest is to develop innovative computational tools, deep learning models, conduct large-scale integrative analyses, and apply advanced (epi)genomic techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of gene regulation in mammalian models and human diseases, particularly in brain tumors and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Select Publications

YE Li, S Preissl, M Miller, ND. Johnson, Z Wang, H Jiao, C Zhu, Z Wang, Y Xie, OB Poirion, A Pinto- Duarte, W Tian, K Siletti, N Emerson, J Osteen, J Lucero, L Lin, Q Yang, S Espinoza, Q Zhu, N Zemke, AM Yanny, J Nyhus, N Dee, T Casper, N Shapovalova, D Hirschstein, R Hodge, S Linnarsson, T Bakken, B Levi, CD Keene, J Shang, E Lein, A Wang, MM Behrens, JR Ecker, B Ren#. (2023)
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YE Li*, S Preissl*, X Hou, Z Zhang, K Zhang, Y Qiu, OB Poirion, B Li, J Chiou, H Liu, A Pinto- Duarte, N Kubo, X Yang, R Fang, X Wang, JY Han, J Lucero, Y Yan, M Miller, S Kuan, D Gorkin, KJ Gaulton, Y Shen, M Nunn, EA Mukamel, MM Behrens, JR Ecker, B Ren#. (2021)
An atlas of gene regulatory elements in adult mouse cerebrum
Nature. 598(7879):129-136. (highlighted by Nature and NIH)
S Teng*, YE Li*, M Yang, R Qi, Y Huang, Q Wang, Y Zhang, S Chen, S Li, K Lin, Y Cao, Q Ji, Q Gu, Y Cheng, Z Chang, W Guo, P Wang, I Garcia-Bassets, ZJ Lu#, D Wang#. (2020)
Tissue-specific transcription reprogramming promotes liver metastasis of colorectal cancer.
Cell Research
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YE Li*, M Xiao*, B Shi*, YCT Yang, D Wang, F Wang, M Marcia and ZJ Lu.
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Genome Biology18:169.
JT Li#, Y Li, S Klaus, DQ Rao, DM. Hillis and YP Zhang#.
Diversification of rhacophorid frogs provides evidence for accelerated faunal exchange between India and Eurasia during the Oligocene(2013)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA110(9): 3441-3446.

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