Events / Mike Love, PhD

Mike Love, PhD

12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.
Connor Auditorium (FLTC)

Mike Love, PhD Associate Professor Departments of Genetics & Biostatistics University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

presents, “Assaying effects of GWAS variants in organs with in vivo massively parallel reporter assay (MPRA)”
Hosted by:  Dr. Heather Lawson
In-person only:  Connor Auditorium (FLTC)


I will present an approach to connect cis regulation of gene expression in relevant tissues and cell types to phenotypic outcomes, by leveraging loci with multiple signals in expression QTL and GWA studies. Major challenges for this approach involve detection of secondary signals in expression QTL studies due to sample size limitations. I will also discuss integration of data from massively parallel reporter assays (MPRA), and how these data may help model dosage effects of genes on GWAS traits, disentangling complex signals that may be obscured by linkage disequilibrium.