From deciphering underlying genetic factors of diseases to developing cutting-edge genome technology, our scientists are making impactful discoveries everyday.

Strength in Genetics and Genomics Research

The Department of Genetics has traditional strengths in computational biology and genome science, as well as model organism, evolutionary and human genetics. Recent specialties include neurological disorders, cellular bioenergetics, epigenomics, personalized medicine and genome technology development.

We have established leadership in the following flagship NIH genomic medicine themed projects:

  • The Human Pangenome Project (NHGRI)
  • The Impact of Genetic Variation on Function (NHGRI)
  • The Long Life Family Study (NIA)
  • Somatic Mosaicism across Human Tissues (NIH Common Fund)
  • Multi-Omics for Health and Disease (NHGRI, NCI, NIEHS)
  • The BRAIN (The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative Cell Atlas Network (NIMH)

Within the close-knit research community of Washington University School of Medicine, our scientists are supported by a strong foundation. School of Medicine Facts & Figures

#2 NIH Funding (2023)$838.3 Million Research Funding 202219 Nobel Laureates 

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