Postdoc Profile: Tassia Mangetti Goncalves

Tassia Mangetti Goncalves

Below we are going to delve into Tassia Mangetti Goncalves’ background, hobbies and research aspirations. What are you investigating? I’m working with mammalian whole genome-wide cis-regulatory modules. Cis-regulatory modules are regulatory regions in the genome. Spatiotemporal control of gene expression is of critical importance and appropriate gene expression depends on these regulatory elements. Also, mutations […]

Detailed cell maps of the human brain bring new treatment possibilities 

In Yang Eric Li’s newly published paper in Science, A comparative atlas of single-cell chromatin accessibility in the human brain, he and his colleagues revealed the largest maps of the human brain, uncovering new information that was never available before. 

Postdoc Profile: Juan Macias

Below we are going to delve into Juan Macias’ background, hobbies and research aspirations. What are you investigating? I am interested in the application of the human pangenome resources to advance our understanding of the genotype to phenotype problem. Particularly around regions previously inaccessible to us. What are possible applications for your research? The pangenome […]

Genetics professor receives R01 grant (Links to an external site)

Guoyan Zhao, PhD, recently received her first R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a milestone achievement. WashU Medicine has risen to No. 3 among U.S. medical schools in total NIH research funding support.

Genetics department hosts NHGRI-funded consortia meetings

The Genetics Department at Washington University coordinates the effort of hosting meetings of National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)-funded consortia. The consortia meetings span 5 days from 9.11 – 9.16 and took place on Washington University School of Medicine campus.